Our Culture & Values

            • Be a generous leader. One that helps others succeed and celebrate their success.

              A generous leader leads with example, is kind, compassionate, patient and empowers others, both colleagues and customers. And at mediasmart, we make it our goal is to do as much as we can to help both our teammates and our clients succeed.

              As generous leaders we care. We look for solutions rather than focusing on the problems, always keeping a positive mindset - even in the face of adversity - and trying to understand both sides in each conflict. We are the first ones to volunteer when we can help, and always encourage our team members, never put them down. We exercise patience and compassion, striving to understand the other’s perspective, whether they are our colleagues or our customers.

              And last, but not least, we recognize the efforts or our team members and not only celebrate team successes, but also appreciate the learnings in case of failures. Everybody makes mistakes, and that is totally fine at mediasmart, because you often learn even more from mistakes than from successes.


            • Love curiosity. Keep learning and stay relevant.

              We believe that a curious attitude is the source of new ideas, possibilities and whole new worlds that will contribute to our company success. At mediasmart we encourage everyone to test “crazy ideas” and, because we know how difficult it is not to get bogged down by the never-ending wheel of the day to day, we have made the time to “explore” official in our calendars.

              Each team has its habits. For example, in the development team everyone can dedicate one day every two weeks to a project of his/her choosing that is outside of the daily priorities. Some projects may lead to something great, some others may not, but the value is in the trying.

              Learning something new everyday keeps us going, and there is so much to learn in such a fast moving environment! We have an internal knowledge base and shared documentation that everybody contributes to as per our motto “if your explanation was useful to somebody, share it”, and this is great help for us to learn from each other. But we also organize frequent in-person sessions at our office with experts (mostly colleagues, but also external parties) on different subjects, both around our product features and industry trends.

              But we could not stay relevant if we did not cherish the relationship with our customers and encouraged their feedback. Our customers are the ones who drive what we do, and we remember everyday that it is thanks to them that our company can thrive.


              • It’s a team effort. Collaborate and cooperate to build a smart company.

                We can only work as a team when we are all working toward the same goal, and that is something that is very present in mediasmart every day. The mission and strategy of the company, as well as our quantitative goals and progress towards them are very transparently shared across the organization in regular all-hands meetings.

                As in every organization, there are inevitably teams within the big team, but at mediasmart we do not like silos. That’s why we continuously make efforts to ensure that each team understands the “others”. There is full transparency and frequent proactive communication around how each team works, their internal processes and their priorities, as well as their challenges. By understanding each other and respecting each other processes, collaboration and effective cooperation tend to come naturally. On a day to day basis, trying to understand other team’s needs first, helps us not only with communication, but determines the way we work and solve issues.

                At mediasmart there is no room for personal agendas or egos. We all contribute selflessly, and try and help each other, both within our team, across teams and when working with clients or partners, as much as possible. The same spirit extends even to our competitors, who often become our allies to try and solve industry challenges.


              • Go farther. Be an example for others. Set the bar.

                Our ambition is to do our job as best as we can every single day. Mistakes can be made, expected results may not come on time, but it is all good if know we gave it our best. And giving it our best means to go out of our way to solve a customer problem or to squeeze the best performance out of a campaign, it means saving a customer or a colleague time when they ask you a question by providing more details even if it takes you more time to provide the answer, it means evaluating new ways of saving the company cost even when you have not been specifically asked for it… In summary, not only being professional, but strive for excellence.

                At mediasmart we are accountable for our mistakes, and do not try and hide them. Offering such a transparent and granular platform in the advertising world is the best proof of that. The customers we love will value and appreciate the transparency, just like we do. In the end, we want to be the reference for our customers and the industry in general, not only because we provide a powerful and user friendly mobile marketing platform, but also because they trust our team and share our values.


              • Love what we do. Love our work with passion and respect.

                Work should be fun. Our work should make us proud and happy. We all at mediasmart try to smile and be positive, because good vibes are infections, just like yawning. And we believe that loving what you do comes naturally when you feel comfortable at work. With knowledge, confidence in what you do a then knowledge that the whole team is backing you up, you are comfortable and ready for anything. Then, happiness comes right up.

                But it is impossible to be happy at work if you are not happy in life. At mediasmart we do not have strict schedules and work remotely a lot (in our headquarters you will not find us at the office on Fridays or in August), and this gives us flexibility to accommodate work, around our other priorities in life. We are also aware that this “working from anywhere” style comes with the risk of not disconnecting from work enough, so we encourage detachment breaks, not only from work, but also from technology in general.

                When working with both colleagues and clients we try to exercise empathy and we are always respectful. Not only in the way we speak to each other (no room for bad manners at mediasmart!) but also in the way we respect each others time and working habits. We also like private and public displays of thankfulness when someone helps us.


              • Do good and do well. Our work matters.

                We do well when we grow our revenue and margin year over year, and doing well is important for each of us. But we also want to do good, and for us that means knowing that we have a purpose, being honest and, when in doubt, always let ethics win over results.

                We want to contribute to enabling a world in which advertisers and publishers get connected in the most effective way. A world where sustainable business can be build around services that are provided to users for free. And a world where advertisers can reach audiences with the trust that their money is well invested, and where users can trust that advertisers are not going to invade their privacy.

                Educating our customers, providing them with full transparency on campaign performance, fighting fraud, fighting for ad quality and giving users choice are some of the things that help us do good today, even if we may do well (or better) not doing some of them. We believe doing good and doing well go together in the long run. And we want to be here for the long run.


Ad Fraud Manifesto

Mobile ad fraud is an issue for everyone working in the mobile advertising industry. While there are some disincentives  and examples of ad fraudsters being fined or even jailed, there is an overwhelming tide of parties committing mobile ad fraud.

That’s why we’re launching this mobile ad fraud manifesto, to call attention and make our contribution to addressing these issues.