Meet our team

We work hard and never forget to have fun in the process. Absolutely devoted to our customers and to building the best platform out there, our passion shines through everything we do. Also find more information about open positions and events we are attending!

  • Noelia Amoedo CEO
  • Guillermo Fernandez CTO
  • Marta Lopez de Haro Director - Client Services
  • Aniss Laamouri Head - Strategic Partnerships and Innovation
  • Nikhil Kumar Vice President (India and SEA)
  • Jonathan Hagege Director - Sales (France)
  • Pankaj Lad Director - Sales (SEA)
  • Francisco Barea Team Lead - Front End
  • Adrian Gigante Team Lead - Back End
  • Tiago Vila Verde Head - Analytics
  • Álvaro Martínez Head - Supply Operations
  • Adriana Ullivari Associate Director - Marketing
  • Ana Manzano People Manager
  • Adrián Domínguez Financial controller
  • Natalia Franquet Developer - Front End
  • Ana Martínez Developer - Front End
  • Marc Cuenca Developer - Front End
  • Bárbara Díaz Durán Junior Developer - Back End
  • Christian Taidi Santana Junior Developer - Back End
  • José Enrique Núñez Junior Developer - Back End
  • Alba González Designer - UX/UI
  • Gema Posada Associate Director - Sales (LATAM)
  • Olatz Goicoechea Business Development
  • Nishant Khurana Associate Director - Sales (India)
  • Adarsh Thunoli Associate Director - Sales
  • Sheldon Mark Gomez Senior Manager - Sales
  • Selvy Noor Aisha Senior Manager - Sales
  • Hernán Villarroel Manager - CSM/Sales (LATAM)
  • Vivek Singh Manager - Sales
  • Rohan Desai Senior Manager - Presales and Brand Strategy
  • Mathew Tom Senior Manager - Sales
  • Advit Sharma Associate Director - Sales
  • Adrián Hernández Senior Manager - Client Services (Training and Projects)
  • Javier Almirante Account Manager - Client Services
  • Marta Amunarriz Account Manager - Client Services
  • Julen Zabaleta Account Manager - Client Services
  • Marta Maldonado Account Manager - Client Services
  • Roxas Montezuma Account Manager - Sales
  • Manuel Gómez-Miranda Account Executive - Client Services
  • Asier González Cervantes Account Executive - Client Services
  • Younès Megrouh Senior Manager - Client Services
  • Ourvi Sharma Analyst - Client Services
  • Suzanne Kiszivath Senior Tech Manager - Client Service
  • Itziar Monasterio Account Executive - Client Services
  • Saurabh Kauthale Senior Manager - Client Services
  • Antonio Amendola Account Manager - Client Services (LATAM)
  • Lakshya Suneja Assistant Manager - Content Marketing
  • Arpit Bhardwaj Assistant Manager - Client Services
  • Silvia Serrano Head - Finance


Looking to join our team? We are based in Madrid, but depending on the position you may work wherever you want. We are growing every year, and we’d love for you to join us!

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