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CTV inventory is digital video content accessed through apps and streamed on Smart TVs, OTT devices or game consoles, and it offers brands the opportunity to target an engaged audience watching brand safe, high-quality video content. 

Some content we will cover

Making the most of CTV advertising  with mediasmart:

    • Household Sync

Increase brand impact by syncing your ads on CTV with ads on other devices in the household

    • Cross-screen Audiences

      Take advantage of combining CTV ads with audiences;  demographic, interest or location-based and either 1st or 3rd party data. For example, impact on TV households where there is at least one student (Location-based audience around universities)

    • Tracking & measurement

      Both online and on footfall conversions and optimize results



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Thursday 23rd of July at 1:00pm Eastern | 10:00am Pacific

Adrián Rubio

VP, Business Development at mediasmart





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