Mobile Audiences: a game-changer in Advertising

11th of June, 2020

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Some have named 2020 as the "retargeting year" in digital advertising. Acquiring and engaging/retaining users is fundamental for app marketers, e-commerces and any advertiser doing campaigns.

How can you do that? Where can you find those users?  On their phones.

Are there specific variables to 'identify' audiences? Can you reach individuals? Can you do one-to-one marketing? Can you reach those audiences again? Yes, you can. Join our session to discover more.

Who should attend? 

  • Mobile Advertisers, like mobile apps, Games, e-Commerce...
  • Advertisers with physical presence, like Retail, Restaurants-QSR, Automotive, Health
  • Advertisers who want to measure the impact of out-of-home campaigns
  • Agencies/Trade desks



Olatz round2

For Europe Timezone 

Thursday 11th of June at 12 pm (CET)

Olatz Goicoechea



adrian event-02

For USA Timezone 

Thursday 11th of June at 4pm (Eastern) & 1pm (Pacific).

Adrián Rubio





What's in it for you? 

  • Simplified explanation on how audiences are built in mobile environment. 
  • Shortlisted version of why using audiences is a game-changer for your advertising efforts and use cases to squeeze the advantages of using mobile audiences. 
  • An overview on Privacy issues related to audiences and profiling. 

You can use mobile audiences, first and third party, in mobile video, display, rich media and Connected TV campaigns.

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