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Craft a marketing strategy that resonates with shoppers across every screen and leaves a lasting impression

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Guide shoppers across screens, turning their shopping journey into

an unforgettable experience with mediasmart!


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How can your brand be the ONE that consumers can't ignore?



Leverage consumer intelligence for your campaigns: Utilize Location, Contextual, and mDMP insights.
Craft compelling dynamic retargeting strategies: Develop strategies for high-impact engagement.
Seamlessly integrate screens across the consumer journey: Extend presence on Mobile, CTV, and DOOH
Enhance interaction rates with unique formats: Employ high-impact formats for better engagement.
Access premium curated inventory: Secure exclusive Deal IDs for top-tier inventory.

Upcoming Shopping events



Black Friday: The Shopping Extravaganza

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Black Friday is the ultimate shopping extravaganza, heralding the start of the holiday shopping season. It's a day when brands can seize the opportunity to offer unbeatable deals, attract hordes of eager shoppers, and kickstart their holiday sales both online and offline.


Cyber Monday: Online Shopping Delight

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Cyber Monday, is a full online event, offering brands a unique opportunity to tap into the online shopping frenzy. It's a day when e-commerce brands can thrive, engaging with tech-savvy shoppers and driving sales through enticing online promotions.


Holiday Shopping Season: The Joy of Gifting

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The holiday shopping season is a magical time for brands to connect with consumers on a deeper level. It spans from Thanksgiving through the New Year, encompassing various celebrations like Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year's Eve.This season presents a golden opportunity for brands to spread cheer, reinforce their brand values, and generate substantial revenue.


January Clearance Sale: Grab the Best Deals

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Clearance sales after the holidays are a strategic move for brands to clear out excess inventory and make room for new products or collections. It's a win-win situation for both brands and shoppers, offering incredible value for money. Moreover, it's a chance to showcase their commitment to customer satisfaction by offering high-quality products at discounted prices, building brand loyalty in the process

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Who is the Shopper?
2023 online holiday sales are expected to reach $1.19 trillion globally




 of consumers prefer brands that offer personalized shopping experiences





Of sales in Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2022 happened on mobile




Of shoppers expect to see deals before Black Friday 


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Average Consumer Spend for 2023 Holidays





Gen Z consumers (17-25 years old) are set to spend $1,275, which is a 15% increase from 2022





increase in spend for female shoppers and they also prefer receiving gift cards.

Reach Shoppers Everywhere and Across Screens




Shoppers at Home


  • CTV (Connected TV)

    • Target audiences watching together on CTV. Highlight Household Sync technology for retargeting.

  • Mobile Devices

    • Target mobile shoppers with appographic targeting.
    • Plan campaigns on key shopping days (i.e Black Friday) across OTTs and apps.
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Shoppers at Shopping Areas/Malls/Shops

    • Audience Segmentation
    • Use our pre-built demographic, psychographic, and appographic segments. Build custom audiences based on location, schedules, or interests.

  • Dynamic Retargeting
    • Implement dynamic retargeting strategies for better engagement.
    • Showcase the benefits of personalized ads.
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Shoppers Outside Shopping Areas



    • Focus on areas where your target audience will be.
    • Geotarget them on Mobile, CTV, or DOOH (Digital Out-of-Home).
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High Impact Formats


mediasmart supports all leading industry ad formats across all major screen types to make
sure you have immersive ad options to communicate your message effectively.

Check some examples below!


CTV Creative Sync


Leverage Brand Recognition and Engagement on CTV with Powerful Creative Sync Ads. 


With the help of our CTV Ad Builder Platform we can make your video ads more engaging and impactful for the CTV user.


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CTv mediasmart brand sync

Build and adapt formats that showcase your brand and product in the first seconds of the ad for higher brand awareness.

CTV mediasmart progress bar
Personalize your ad creative with a totem of your product which acts as a progress bar to leverage high levels of completion view and to stand out.
conversion sync
Create powerful redirections on CTV with smart QR Codes to promote your brand and gather more profound insights about your customers. 

DOOH formats


Attract interest from afar. Elevate your brand's visibility both indoors and outdoors, make a big impact and reach a captive audience with our DOOH ads variety!


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Portrait Screens

Maximize your brand's presence indoors and outdoors through our cutting-edge dynamic digital screens.


Engage and captivate potential customers with eye-catching visuals through video advertising in prime high-traffic locations

In motion

Reach a captive audience during their commute and increase brand visibility both inside and outside the vehicle


These are very big screens in prime areas, with high footfall and high visibility.

Mobile Rich Media formats 


Delight your target audience and increase brand recall. For Brand awareness, engagement and conversion purposes!

Check some of our examples, or ask us to see our extended portfolio

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Integrated maps for easier store discovery. Enhance your ads with the power of location



With a wide aspect ratio panorama image at the top and another media element in the middle, tilting or dragging your device from side to side lets you pan the panorama while the middle stays still.



Boost your video experience with our cutting-edge compression technology! Our videos load lightning fast and play automatically as soon as they appear on screen, giving you seamless viewing every time


Appear as a thematic app recommendation in the shopping folder 



Our Selected Inventory


353 million


Daily impressions on Shopping content


265 million


Daily impressions on Fashion & Style content


192 million


Daily impressions on Travel content



59 million


Daily impressions on Shopping content from users with Higher User Awareness

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Reach high performance Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Winter & Holidays Shoppers from these Digiseg audience segments

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Check Adsquare's Holiday Season Guide with a range of seasonal consumer datasets, including: Black Friday and Christmas Audiences. 

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